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Monday, 17 June 2019
The St John's Film Society is entirely run by its student (undergraduate and graduate) members, who work in one of the roles listed below. In return, they are given free admission and are invited to events run by the society for its members. If you would like to become a member of the society, please contact the secretary.

For each film there are at least two teams, each consisting of a Junior and a Senior projectionist, who are responsible for actually projecting the film. One team will take all the adverts, trailers and film reels and put them together on the main projector reel, and then watch through the film to make sure that it is all correctly 'put together'. Then there is a team for each showing who show the film, and make sure that the whole film is played to the high and professional standards of the society. The team who project the last showing each night then do the 'take apart', where they take the film off the main reel, ready to be sent back to the distributors.

The ushers take care of everything else at the showing. They arrive about 45 minutes before the first showing to get all the seats out, help the projectionists set up the speakers, put up posters and make sure the room is ready. Once this is done, they collect money for admission, sell film-passes, and make sure that everyone has the best viewing experience possible - and then they sit back and enjoy the film.

The publicity team takes care of all the publicity. They make sure people know about the great films we're showing at St John's Films! This envolves designing, printing and putting up posters, and thinking up new ways of getting people into the cinema.